Hey everyone, welcome to our website!

Kids Equipment Hire was an idea born of experience! We are both mothers to young children who moved to the St Francis area a few years ago, and having had to travel to Cape Town to visit our families, we learned how tricky it is to fit in ALL the stuff young kids need to have an enjoyable holiday (the important stuff and the extra soft toy ‘just in case’). After speaking with the Rental Agents in our area we realised how much of a need all the extra gear is. And so we started Kids Equipment Hire in 2015.

Our equipment is hired by holiday makers & grannies alike, be it just a camp cot or car seat to transport the grandkids or the whole lot from cots to baths to toys. We stock a wide range of kids equipment, but should you need something not listed here we will gladly source it for you.

Here’s hoping you have a memorable stay!